Inspired By Passion, Connected By Community

Our Story

SocietyX launched in January 2020 as the workspace and home for NYC's most progressive creatives. As soon as we realized the scope of the pandemic, we knew it was a call to our larger potential, and quickly pivoted to a digital marketplace.

Our platform hosts creatives that seek to offer fulfilling experiences to elevate the new normal. Whether you're a parent struggling with in-home learning, looking to connect with others, or engender a mindfulness practice to calm your routine, SocietyX is your new virtual home.

Our mission is to support creatives and connect communities thru virtual experiences worldwide by broadening access to a fulfilling, purposeful livelihood.

Join us for live classes 7 days a week with hosts from around the world, and topics you're passionate about.

Meet Our Community
There’s just something magical about offering free content, and I love how the meditations are creating a sense of community. It’s also been a process that got me out of my comfort zone in a good way, and helped me to expand my business in ways that I never would have done on my own - Christine Aprile Host
The words magic and happiness are not physical objects but you can imagine them in your mind. That is what LKN'S open mic is like- a place where words like these take shape and come to life - Matthew Marroquin
An excellent class experience for anyone who wants to relax from the daily grinds of life and be uplifted - Jocelyn Bennet