About Sarah
Sarah Serrano-Esquilin is a Brooklyn based artist, educator holding a license in Special Education Birth-6th, and a recent Master’s graduate at Pratt Institute in Creative Arts Therapy. She has been creating art and writing poetry for the last 6 years, and has worked with celebrities, brands, and galleries. Sarah believes in the therapeutic benefits of art and making it accessible to all. Sarah also helps her husband teach Salsa and Bachata classes, proving that two left can still learn and have a good time!
Connect with Sarah
Thursdays @ 11PM EST - Sometimes our greatest works are created when we can’t sleep. Bring your own art supplies & come hangout. ( FREE CLASS )
Tuesdays @ 11AM EST - Lya & Sarah Take your creativity to the next level as they balance your mind with art. ( FREE CLASS )
Sarah will focus on unleashing your creativity through exercises and empowerment. (ALL AGES)
Mondays @ 8PM EST - This is a 4-week workshop which will explore collective themes through the use of art and poetry. Participants will workshop and put together a zine which will be emailed to them at the end of the cycle. * in order for us to work together and make this 4 weeks meaningful we suggest a 4 week commitment. Please note that if your unable to make classes we are happy to roll you into the next cycle. Each cycle will be closed with a max of 10 participants ( any age any level)