Meet Your Host - Rebecca
Rebecca has worked across a spectrum of educational settings: murals workshops with New York graffiti artists; teaching hardware/software courses; to MFA and BFA students; offering soft circuitry workshops in New York City public schools; and game design workshops for adolescents with special needs. Her research includes explorations on how computational-thinking and systems-thinking, married with technology-based art forms, can serve as a platform for integrated curriculum as well as means to create personas that demonstrate parts of our cultural identity. Rebecca explores pathways of data and implications of perception in pedagogy, tactility, and audio/visual experiences. Conceptual domains of her artwork encompass subcultures, drawing machines, and feedback loops. The mediums include hardware/software setups, drawings, wearables and soft circuitry. Rebecca’s latest work includes explorations in sound and wearable design with elements of supernatural and the ethereal. The traumatic experience of being drugged and raped, after reporting a landlord for neglect of repairs, she has taken the opportunity to transduce this event into a celebration of the dark and raw side of identity. This work includes using found natural elements that reference death and the spirit incorporated into wearable and other artifacts.
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Mondays @ 10AM EST : In this class, we'll experiment with the element of color and the principle of balance while creating abstract blot prints.