Meet Your Host - Paulina
My name is Paulina Valverde; currently I have the blessing to practice my passion by being a psychologist and arts therapist from Mexico, alongside with motherhood. My life has developed very closed to the arts but music, singing and dancing have a very special place in my heart. I play violin, ukulele, love to sing, watercolor painting, creative writing, visual design and whatever art I feel like it. I also have a master’s degree in senior management and international business and (in what now seems like a previous life) I used to be a dentist for 10 years, but left it all to follow my passion thanks to my spiritual awakening. Now, I’m a huge fan of embodiment because It is my belief that we are all the integrative parts of a whole, so we cannot work just in one aspect and expect that to fulfill and expand our lives in all directions, we have to work in all aspects to do so and we tend to forget about how important our body truly is, that even with the slight change of posture can impact how we feel and, of course, what couldn’t we accomplish if we dance guided by our natural inner flow. Thanks to all of this is that I live by “the Art of the Embodied Psyque TM” because I’m not your traditional psychologist, I’m expansive, light, real, dynamic, respectful and I believe that mind it’s not everything. We have to be embodied, we have to be a whole. While my English is not my native language I hope you allow me to guide you in in this journey to self care through the arts. I have a private online practice and do workshops with arts, cooking, habits, and many more.
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Fridays @ 6PM EST : Embodiment and connection through guided/intuitive movement or dancing, to intentionally create, express or explore self-knowledge