About Monica
Monica Monfre is a Brooklyn based high school teacher who moonlights as a business launch coach. With her clients she focuses on showing up and selling using social media, especially Instagram. Using her framework of SELF, she helps entrepreneurs lead with soul, make money and have fun.
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SELF Business Secrets: Lead with soul, make money, and have fun: Learn how to create a business you love while leading with soul. Show up on social media and have fun doing it. Monica helps offer tangible action steps to not only grow your presence online, but help you make money.
12+ Years ELA High School Teacher George Washington University : Masters Degree in Education, Secondary Education & Teaching Learning must be an interactive experience. Monica strives to keep her pupils as engaged and interested in the material as possible. With a passion for English, literature, and composition classrooms - Monica helps her students explore the exciting world of language, writing, and reading.