About Gina
Gina Giacomantonio has over 20 years of experience working in the world of hospitality public relations. In addition to those years, Gina has gained a passion for cooking by growing up alongside a large Italian family—including a father who owned a restaurant for decades! Gina’s PR wheelhouse includes working for top chefs and restaurants across the nation, luxury hotel and beauty brands and all things lifestyle. She has mastered the art of communication with top-level media to secure placements across print, broadcast and online verticals. While Gina loves her day job, there is nothing more enjoyable to her than when she is cooking a delicious meal for herself and friends. Gina loves experimenting in the kitchen and unlike many, she prefers not to use a recipe but to create from scratch. Most of her bloodline for cooking comes from her Nonna and Zia. From the age of three, she remembers standing on a stool and stirring Sunday sauce for her family every week. Gina watched everything from these two inspirational women and took it all in. Years later, she enjoys cooking all different foods from Middle Eastern cuisine to her roots in Italy! Gina believes that cooking brings people together; eating what was cooked creates conversation, and it’s all about LOVE!
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1:1 Private Cooking Class With Gina Can Be Customized From New Cooking Ideas, Weekly Meal Planning, Learning The Basics, To Menu Creations!