About Laura
Laura begin her fitness journey over a decade ago. As a mother, entrepreneur & fitness enthusiast Laura created programming for people on the go. Her 30 min at-home workout & challenges are now available daily around the globe. ... more
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Thursdays @ 3PM EST - Take It Up A Notch! Laura Will Test Your Limits With this 45 MIN HIIT Full Body Burn
MONDAYS @ 10:30AM - Wake Up To Your Morning Quick Fix With These Essential At Home Techniques To Keep You Sculpted In Minutes! ( FREE CLASS )
About Brandielee
Brandielee Johnson was born and raised in New York City, and has been an Educator for over 12 years teaching various grades, and subjects. At the age of 16 she became the Theater Instructor at Project Morry, and then realized how much she enjoyed teaching, and the positive impact it had on the campers. It was at this moment she knew that teaching would become part of her life. Brandielee graduated from Oneonta University with a Bachelors in Performing Arts, with a concentration in Backstage, ... more
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Wednesdays @ 4PM EST - Join Travel Guru & Discount Queen Brandielee as she discusses travel & the wanderlust life in the new normal. From day trips, cross country adventures and week to month stays ! Get the deets on testing out what part of the country is perfect for you ! Connect with other solo adventures around the globe as we help each other enjoy a lifetime of endless adventures.
Interested In A Class Groups of 3-5. I'm happy to help students, parents, educators come up with a customized class. Great to pair with your current educational program or an extra for those area's lacking in the current curriculum. K-8 Tutoring: English, ESL, Social Studies, History, Theater, Geography Adults: ESL: English as a Second Language High School: College Readiness Parents: Resources, and support
As we adjust to the " new normal" I am here to support you and your child/children through this time while prioritizing your health. Currently offering online tutoring services, and online resources for parents/guardians. K-8 Tutoring: English, ESL, Social Studies, History, Theater, Geography Adults: ESL: English as a Second Language High School: College Readiness Parents: Resources, and support
Fridays @ 3PM EST - Connects With Parents Around The Nation To Provide Resources, Coaching & Goal Driven Achievement Tracking K-12 FREE CLASS
About Arielle
Arielle Haller-Silverstone is a New York City based voice, speech, and media coach, as well as an award-winning actor and creative. As you work with Arielle, you will learn to develop your presence in the most important dialogues of your career, discovering your unique capacity for physical and vocal presence. Arielle uses Patsy Rodenburg’s innovative body, breath, and speech techniques to identify and empower your authentic voice. She will also help you in front of the camera or webcam, allowin ... more
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Thursdays @ 7PM EST - If you're struggling to feel present, especially during today's internet-dependent climate, look no further. This class will help to locate your unique connectedness, bringing together an honest approach to media training, speaking, and presentation. With exercises based in breath, body, and voice, join Arielle as you locate your authentic self in every facet of your new online life.
1:1 Coaching Session With Celebrity Voice & Speech Coach Arielle Haller- Silverstone
1:1 Coaching Session With Celebrity Voice & Speech Coach Arielle Haller- Silverstone
MONDAYS @ 6PM EST - Celebrity voice, speech, and media coach will guide you thru media training & interviewing in our new virtual world.( FREE CLASS )
About Jocelyn
Jocelyn Perez-Blanco, is the Founder of Herban Garden, and is an educator, a local herbalist, naturalist, conservationist, Flower Essence Therapist, Essential Oil Coach, and avid gardener with a background in biology, animal husbandry, ethnobotany, and agriculture. She works as a consultant for everything from incorporating herbs into your life to tending to your houseplants and outdoor gardens. ... more
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From help with your new houseplants to diving deeper in herbalism or botany. Work with Jocelyn to customize your session(s) to adapt to your needs or customize a curriculum add on to your child's at home learning experience.
Mondays @ 1PM EST Botany is often a topic that comes off as boring or too daunting to even begin to dig into, but it is a fascinating science that helps you better understand how plants interact with the world. Decode botanical Latin, learn how to use dichotomous keys, identify common features that will help you narrow down plant families, practice vocabulary that will help you better connect to plants around you, & even discuss notable plant explorers that brought species to opposite sides of the g
Fridays @ 1PM EST - Herbalism, or traditional plant medicine, has had a resurgence in popular culture in the last 50 years as more and more people search for alternatives to conventional, allopathic therapies, and the advent of the internet has made so much information accessible, but not necessarily the means of how to best choose how to effectively integrate herbs into your daily life. Many of us use herbs as food every day without realizing the medicinal potential they hold!
Mondays @12 PM EST - Dive into the basics of houseplant care, from tools of the trade, best practices when choosing a green friend. ( FREE CLASS )
About Petro
Born in Ukraine, Petro Onysko has grown up with a passion for the visual arts, specifically photography. He took up photography as a hobby and transformed it into a full-time career. As he gained more experience, Petro found that he could spend hundreds of hours on projects to ensure that everything is executed perfectly. He has narrowed his scope to advertisement, commercial, and campaign photography and continually refines his skills. In the past 5-6 years, Petro has honed his forte in using ... more
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Fridays @ 4PM EST - Learn how to take stunning photographs by mastering both the technical and creative sides of digital photography.
Work 1:1 with celebrity photographer Petro Onysko - Customize your time with help editing, lighting work, tips and tricks, to selecting the perfect camera.
Tuesdays @ 4PM EST Celebrity Photographer Petro Reviews His Top 5 Mobile Editing Apps With A Quick Tutorials ( Free Class)
About Adonica
An intentional advocate dedicated to cultivating spaces that inspire and motivate professional women to live in their truth, Adonica is an impactful leader who proactively encourages others to show up for their truth. As the Founder of Surrender Circle, she’s an expert in adversity who believes that overcoming and embracing difficult life experiences creates a space for you to show up as your authentic self daily. With her relentless passion for walking in your purpose, she has discovered innov ... more
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About Christine
Christine of Receptive Tarot & Healing is an intuitive tarot reader, Reiki II healer, clairvoyant and dream interpreter with over a decade of experience reading for the public. She also leads sound healings and guided meditations throughout the Los Angeles area. Her spiritual journey began with her first precognitive dream at the age of 7, sparking a lifelong passion for metaphysics. While earning her BFA in video pro, Christine became deeply aware of the need for spiritual understanding and he ... more
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Tuesdays @ 7PM EST - Clear your energy & mind with an insightful, personalized session! Tarot readings for clarity, reiki, & dream interpretations
Clear your energy & mind with an insightful, personalized session! Tarot readings for clarity, reiki, & dream interpretations
Wednesdays @ 7PM EST - Group reiki and meditation session, guided by astrological insights into this very specific celestial alignment.
About Lya
Lya Pouleyy is a multi-faceted artist whose deepest passion is art: dance, painting, drawing... Passion for Hip Hop culture, naturally led to journalism ... more
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About Gina
Gina Giacomantonio has over 20 years of experience working in the world of hospitality public relations. In addition to those years, Gina has gained a passion for cooking by growing up alongside a large Italian family—including a father who owned a restaurant for decades! Gina’s PR wheelhouse includes working for top chefs and restaurants across the nation, luxury hotel and beauty brands and all things lifestyle. She has mastered the art of communication with top-level media to secure placements ... more
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1:1 Private Cooking Class With Gina Can Be Customized From New Cooking Ideas, Weekly Meal Planning, Learning The Basics, To Menu Creations!
About Kristina
Kristina Adam is a Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer in Santa Monica, California. Within her classes, she combines a variety of traditional healing modalities that she picked up throughout her various trainings around the globe. Every class is a lovingly guided practice through movement, meditation and healing. All bodies and levels of experience are welcome to join! ... more
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A deeply nourishing healing session that balances and restores both your physical and emotional body and activates deep soul healing as Kristina holds a sacred, nurturing space for you to experience the the rejuvenating and healing benefits of gentle movement and deep relaxation.
In this intuitive reading, Kristina will tune into your body’s energy centers — the chakras, and uncover any imbalances that might be blocking your body’s energy from flowing freely. Through crystal energy healing, she will then lovingly activate and balance your chakras to boost your health and well-being.
Thursdays @ 10PM EST - A delicious way to end your day restored and peaceful with a gentle, feel-good class. Yoga Instructor: Kristina Adam
Tuesdays @11AM EST - Stretch and awaken to your full potential with a yummy, energizing full-body class. ( FREE CLASS )
About Marina
Life loving human, enjoying outdoor activities including yoga and meditation, reading, traveling and sharing happy moment with friends. Looking forward to shining my light bright and sharing my skills with everyone who is interested in learning/practicing meditation, breath work, Power Vinyasa Flow, as well as providing nutritional advices to achieve healthy and mindful lifestyle. -RYS 200HR Power Vinyasa certified Yoga Instructor. Originally from Russia, based in NYC, US. Fluent in English and ... more
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Group Class: Prepare to elevate your awareness and engage every muscle in your body while improving your strength in this fast paced morning class
(Free Class) simple breathing technique to center and ground your breath and calm your mind. Continuing with slow-pace Vinyasa Flow
About Nivek
Aside from being my friend and my personal make up artist Kevin has done make up to tons of amazing beautiful models! and I have front row seat to experience what it is to work with Kevin one on one here is a little bit about this amazing celebrity make up artist that has taken instagram by storm with his edgy and bold techniques. My persona as a Makeup Artist, is to help empower women to be confident with themselves. Wanting to wear makeup consist of great skincare. Exfoliating and cleansing y ... more
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Beauty Influencer Nivek Hosts weekly product review, Q &A, & Tutorials To Keep Sleek With A Virtual Beat!
About Monica
Monica Monfre is a Brooklyn based high school teacher who moonlights as a business launch coach. With her clients she focuses on showing up and selling using social media, especially Instagram. Using her framework of SELF, she helps entrepreneurs lead with soul, make money and have fun. ... more
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12+ Years ELA High School Teacher George Washington University : Masters Degree in Education, Secondary Education & Teaching Learning must be an interactive experience. Monica strives to keep her pupils as engaged and interested in the material as possible. With a passion for English, literature, and composition classrooms - Monica helps her students explore the exciting world of language, writing, and reading.
SELF Business Secrets: Lead with soul, make money, and have fun: Learn how to create a business you love while leading with soul. Show up on social media and have fun doing it. Monica helps offer tangible action steps to not only grow your presence online, but help you make money.
About Sarah
Sarah Serrano-Esquilin is a Brooklyn based artist, educator holding a license in Special Education Birth-6th, and a recent Master’s graduate at Pratt Institute in Creative Arts Therapy. She has been creating art and writing poetry for the last 6 years, and has worked with celebrities, brands, and galleries. Sarah believes in the therapeutic benefits of art and making it accessible to all. Sarah also helps her husband teach Salsa and Bachata classes, proving that two left can still learn and have ... more
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Mondays @ 8PM EST - This is a 4-week workshop which will explore collective themes through the use of art and poetry. Participants will workshop and put together a zine which will be emailed to them at the end of the cycle. * in order for us to work together and make this 4 weeks meaningful we suggest a 4 week commitment. Please note that if your unable to make classes we are happy to roll you into the next cycle. Each cycle will be closed with a max of 10 participants ( any age any level)
Sarah will focus on unleashing your creativity through exercises and empowerment. (ALL AGES)
Tuesdays @ 11AM EST - Lya & Sarah Take your creativity to the next level as they balance your mind with art. ( FREE CLASS )
Thursdays @ 11PM EST - Sometimes our greatest works are created when we can’t sleep. Bring your own art supplies & come hangout. ( FREE CLASS )
About Diana
An alternative fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur Diana is a certified NCSF personal trainer and pole dancing instructor based in NY. Featured In The Movie " Hustlers", Diana enjoys sharing her love for fitness and pole, teaching privates, group classes and tailoring personal training programs for her clients. ... more
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Wednesdays @ 1PM EST *** POLE IS REQUIRED **** Get ready to go low and slow as we break down the essentials of pole dance. This class will guide you through fundamental skills, approachable choreography, and the mindset behind the movement. Spins, transitions and climbing will build strength and fluidity to move seamlessly up and down the pole. You also will be taken through form, conditioning and strength based exercises which will prepare you for inversions W
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 12PM EST - Build Strength & Stability With Trainer & Celebrity Pole Instructor Diana Henriquez. This class integrates elements of Pilates, dance, strength training, & dynamic flexibility
**** Pole Required For This Class ******
Customized 45 Minute Personal Training With NCSF Certified Trainer Diana Henriquez
Wednesdays @ 12PM EST - Wake up your body with an open level stretch class . Lengthen and strengthen your muscles. ( FREE CLASS )
About Brian
Founder and owner of New AmsterdamPet Service. I have always had a love for animals and their well being since a child. At 19, I began working in animal welfare as a dog washer at a small grooming shop in Maryland. I loved washing and walking the dogs, but I wanted to do more. I eventually moved on to the Washington Animal Rescue League in Washington, D.C.. While there, I taught children about the care of animals in a shelter, became an adoptions coordinator, and eventually became a veterinary ... more
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Owner of New Amsterdam Pet & Vet Tech Brian shares his simple, effective training system to help you develop trust and control with your dog. From using commands like sit, stay, and down to fixing barking and digging, you’ll learn how to improve your dog’s behavior. Need help with food ideas, games to keep your dog busy during COVID , how to make homemade treats or finding the perfect dog walker... Brian covers it all
Thursdays @ 7PM EST Health, Training, Tips & Tricks To Keep Our Furry Friends Safe, Happy & Healthy! Connect With Other Pet Parents Around The World!
All Are Welcome Here ! We believe everyone is recovering from something. Come join us as and our commitment for self-love & community. ( Free Class )
About Lisa
Lisa Ann “LAMARKS” Markuson is the founder of Ars Poetica. With a degree in International Studies from University of San Francisco, and one semester of graduate studies in International Communications at American University, Lisa Ann was on track to launch a career in cultural diplomacy. That is, until the day that her boss (who looked exactly like Draco Malfoy, by the way) sat her down in his office and said, deadpan, “You remind me of my sister, and I don’t like that. You need to tone down y ... more
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Wednesdays @ 8PM EST - Inspired by the philosophy of revolutionary educators of the Teach Living Poets movement, each week we will read, discuss, and write on a different notable contemporary (aka living) poet. A refreshing entry point into the worlds of reading, writing, and literature, this class is great for ages 12 and up, and helps make poetry and literature more relatable for everyone.
This is a customizable session to help you get through writer's block, elevate your writing, edit your work, improve your ability to help your child read and write, or learn to enjoy writing you must do for school, work, or any purpose. I'll check in with you before the session to learn exactly what you need, and prepare accordingly. This class can be tailored for any age.
Wednesdays @2PM EST - We'll cover key poetic terms and devices by studying poems by a handful of modern and contemporary poets.