Meet Your Host - Dr.
Dr. Renair Amin, also known as The Pink Love Specialist, is a sought after speaker in the areas of trauma including relationship, sexuality, and religious/faith-based. She also facilitates workshops across the country leading people from pain to healing. Renair is an advocate for spiritual healing and harm reduction in the LGBTQIA+ faith community, and the founder of "LGBTQ Faith Matters," an initiative to help heal LGBTQ Faith Trauma in Communities of Color. Being a survivor of addiction, family tragedy, sexual assault and religious trauma has offered her the depth and perseverance to pen four books – Mental Silhouette, Domestically Cursed, Pit Crew: How to Survive a Spiritual Pit Stop and Come with Me, Love: A 21-Day Journey into the Song of Solomon for couples. Currently, you can find Renair as the online cohost of the "The Walking Heavy Show" as well is the host of the "It's All About Pink Love" Podcast. She holds a Doctor of Ministry degree, as well as a Master of Arts in Religious Education from New York Theological Seminary.
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Tuesday @ 1PM ( Monthly) : Certified Coach, Dr. Renair Amin addresses ways to develop and/or strengthen personal and professional relationships.