About Melissa
Welcome to my world of soul filled content. My name is Melissa Bates. I am an Intuitive Content Clarity Strategist + Soul Contract Reader here to empower others by helping them speak their truth and believe in their ability to create change with their business. I love guiding coaches to create a master content plan that truly speaks to their audience + deeply aligns with their mission. I'm a petite lady from Los Angeles, CA that has a passion for empowering women and encouraging them to see their true potential and share their voice. I have been in the coaching space for over 4+ years. I believe an individual can make a massive change amongst society by standing up and allowing their words to flow in a powerful manner. It excites me to help entrepreneurs trek down the right path and take their content plan to the next level. I only wish for every individual to see the power of fully using their voice in their brand.
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This masterclass was created to help you uplevel your content and share your story with potential clients in order to deepen the connection with your