Meet Your Host - Brandielee
Brandielee Johnson was born and raised in New York City, and has been an Educator for over 12 years teaching various grades, and subjects. At the age of 16 she became the Theater Instructor at Project Morry, and then realized how much she enjoyed teaching, and the positive impact it had on the campers. It was at this moment she knew that teaching would become part of her life. Brandielee graduated from Oneonta University with a Bachelors in Performing Arts, with a concentration in Backstage, then a Masters Degree from New York University in Theater Education with a concentration in Colleges, and Universities. This lead Brandielee to teach English, Theater and work with Special Education students in South Korea for a few years, and taught Theater in South Africa. As an Educator who has been to 43 countries, and 7 continents is no stranger when it comes to working with different cultures. Her past experiences with teaching have included ESL- English as a Second Language, Social Studies, English, Geography, History, Theater, Literacy Intervention, High School, and College Readiness, and working with Special Education students. Teaching is her passion, and will continue to make sure each student receives a fair chance at a proper education. “Education is the pathway to success!” With such a love for travel it had taken her to 43 countries, 7 continents including Antarctica, a certified sailor, teaching in South Korea, white water rafting, shark cage diving, caving, and even sleeping in the dessert. Her goal to to inspire people to get out of their comfort zone, explore life and to travel. When it comes to exploring and learning the door is always open.
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