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Christian "Jefe" Simms MBA, raised in Harlem New York City & Navy veteran started his stock journey back in 2013 after honorably discharging from the military. After dominating the corporate sales industry, Christian was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer back in 2016. Fortunately, he was able to defeat the odds and was inspired to empower people to earn back their time from their employers to spend with their loved ones by becoming their own boss. In 2018 he created "JefeTalk" a brand that motivates, empowers & teaches people how to become entrepreneurs thru many fashions. The JefeTalk brand includes a syndicated podcast now in over 28 countries, real estate org, youtube vlogs, a clothing line & the JefeTalk investor's group. The JefeTalk Investor Group has over 75 which teaches individuals about the stock market and stock options. For more information check out
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