About Mengju
Mengju Wu began her unconventional path at Duke University with plans of being a biomedical engineer and/or dentist. She soon took a turn toward the social sciences after discovering a passion for social psychology in a research project on habitual behavior. After receiving a B.S. in psychology from Duke, she started her PhD in consumer behavior at the Rady School of Management at UC San Diego, but soon rekindled her childhood curiosity in business and entrepreneurship in the San Diego startup ecosystem. She received her MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship and started a career in marketing strategy and consumer behavior at Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods and retail corporations in the Bay Area. During this time, she never stopped ideating, evaluating, and testing, and in 2015, she launched BeautyWise, a startup that creates innovative product solutions to address pain points in the beauty process. Today, based in NYC, she is focused on furthering BeautyWise’s mission to help women improve the way they show up in the world, one intelligent solution at a time.
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