Meet Your Host - Anna
Anna Ong is an ex-banker turned improviser and storyteller. She is the founder of WYSH (What's Your Story, Huh?)- a consultancy based in Singapore and Washington, D.C. that provides coaching, consulting, and corporate training using storytelling and improvisation comedy techniques. She is the host and creator of What's Your Story Slam (WYSS), a live storytelling show in Singapore. WYSS aims to create and promote a culture of storytelling in Asia through personal narratives. She is a communications coach. She trains leaders and teams to be mentally agile, communicate authentically with humour and empathy. She uses improv to promote fun, creativity and collaboration in the workplace. She believes that the shortest distance between two people is a story. Before WYSH, Anna had over fifteen years of experience in financial services in Singapore and the Philippines. She holds an MBA from INSEAD and a certificate in Social Impact Storytelling from Georgetown University.
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Mondays @ 8PM EST ( Limited 4 Class Series) - The Power of Your Story is a course designed to help you turn your moments into a story and then take it to the virtual stage. This course will teach you the fundamentals of storytelling and techniques on how to take your audience by surprise and make them care.

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