Meet Your Host - Christine
Christine of Receptive Tarot & Healing is an intuitive tarot reader, Reiki II healer, clairvoyant and dream interpreter with over a decade of experience reading for the public. She also leads sound healings and guided meditations throughout the Los Angeles area. Her spiritual journey began with her first precognitive dream at the age of 7, sparking a lifelong passion for metaphysics. While earning her BFA in video pro, Christine became deeply aware of the need for spiritual understanding and healing within American culture. She began creating films and music centered around the tarot and shamanic experiences, subjects that still inspire her creative and healing practice today. Her writing can be found at, where she pens a weekly article about the intersection between astrology and music. Christine’s tarot and Reiki sessions are informed by her study of symbolism and mythology, with a focus on healing emotional trauma and identifying familial karma. Her Reiki healings often go deep, revealing the root emotional cause of disease and offering down-to-earth advice for improving spiritual and emotional health in daily life.
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Sundays @ 8PM EST : Have you ever wanted to learn more about the tarot but didn’t know where to start? This year the Magic Portal will be teaching the art of the tarot! Each class will be a deep dive into the symbolism, esoteric meanings and psychological aspects of the Rider Waite Smith deck. We’ll also be using the cards as a portal into our intuition and the healing revelations that the tarot provokes.

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