Meet Your Host - LKN
LKN is a page-performance-slam-street poet, who has shared his poetry in 16 countries - across 5 continents. He is published in The Philippines, India, Pakistan and the United States. LKN has been featured at the History Channel's HistoryCon 2018, World Speech Day 2019, and at the Toronto International Festival of Authors 2020. He was the 1st runner-up at the Singapore Poetry Slam 2019 and a finalist at the Toronto Poetry Slam 2020. His poetry is also felt in the streets of Manila, Singapore and Malaysia, as he performs in parks, markets, train stations and other public places.
Connect with LKN
Journey through the art of performing poetry with international poet - LKN, every Thursday with SocietyX Community. In this workshop series - you will learn how to animate words; using your voice, your body movements, and even breathing techniques that can take everyone's breath away. Create stories from your pieces that can pierce through the mind and hearts of your audience, and see how you can transform people around you - with the power of your poetry.

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