Meet Your Host - Jocelyn
Jocelyn Perez-Blanco, is the Founder of Herban Garden, and is an educator, a local herbalist, naturalist, conservationist, Flower Essence Therapist, Essential Oil Coach, and avid gardener with a background in biology, animal husbandry, ethnobotany, and agriculture. She works as a consultant for everything from incorporating herbs into your life to tending to your houseplants and outdoor gardens.
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Fridays @ 1PM EST - Herbalism, or traditional plant medicine, has had a resurgence in popular culture in the last 50 years as more and more people search for alternatives to conventional, allopathic therapies, and the advent of the internet has made so much information accessible, but not necessarily the means of how to best choose how to effectively integrate herbs into your daily life. Many of us use herbs as food every day without realizing the medicinal potential they hold!

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