About Arielle
Arielle Haller-Silverstone is a New York City based voice, speech, and media coach, as well as an award-winning actor and creative. As you work with Arielle, you will learn to develop your presence in the most important dialogues of your career, discovering your unique capacity for physical and vocal presence. Arielle uses Patsy Rodenburg’s innovative body, breath, and speech techniques to identify and empower your authentic voice. She will also help you in front of the camera or webcam, allowing you to feel ease in connecting with colleagues in a variety of spaces. Clients include executives from a wide range of industries; including PR/marketing, finance, tech, and international litigators. She also works with actors for stage, screen, and voiceover, including a 2019 Olivier Award nominee; in addition to her work on productions for Emmy and Tony-Award winners.
Connect with Arielle
Thursdays @ 7PM EST - If you're struggling to feel present, especially during today's internet-dependent climate, look no further. This class will help to locate your unique connectedness, bringing together an honest approach to media training, speaking, and presentation. With exercises based in breath, body, and voice, join Arielle as you locate your authentic self in every facet of your new online life.