Connecting Communities Through Creativity

About Us

It's a tough time to be a human seeking creativity and connection in today's world.

Caught up in the daily grind of personal responsibilities, obligations, and stresses, so many of us wish we had more time to experience new things, expand our horizons, and get in touch with our inner creativity.

But searching through a sea of options online is overwhelming and consumes valuable time that could be spent actually living life. And if we do manage to find a class or a program that interests us, showing up as the new person who doesn't know what to expect can feel vulnerable or awkward.

So what do we do? We resort to staying isolated in our apartments, streaming passive entertainment, feeling lonely and craving deeper moments of purpose, but having no idea what to do about it.

That's where SocietyX comes in.

It's that feeling of isolation, that fear of vulnerability that SocietyX cures with our interactive experience platform. We use the creative expertise of artists and teachers around the world to connect individuals and help us learn, enjoy life, and improve our physical and mental wellbeing through expanding our worlds together.

Feeling more fulfilled in our lives directly translates to a greater level of satisfaction with our jobs, our home, our personal communities, and our sense of purpose in the world.

Can creativity save lives and save the world? We think so.

Want to join us? Sign up yourself, community, building or workplace and participate in virtual, on-demand, in-person, or hybrid experiences from our vetted creatives around the world. We offer free classes and experiences 7 days a week, in every time zone.

We know that what we're creating together is magic, but don't just take our word for it: Hear from some of our community members themselves.